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By MobSPA for Android

  • Secure mobile applications by detecting a wide range of pervasive and published security vulnerabilities.

  • Easily manage the security risk of your application portfolio and perform mobile application security testing from the cloud or on-premises.

  • Comprehensive reporting with mobile application risks, vulnerabilities and remediation plan.

By AppShield for Android

  • Source code reversing prevention and sensitive data protection.

  • App tampering, repacking and debugging prevention with anti- hooking function feature.

  • Dynamic code injection, decompilation /disassembly preventions.

SecNeo is one of the world's most comprehensive and largest dedicated mobile application security firms. With world class encryption and obfuscation we enable organizations and mobile app developers to secure their mobile applications that power their business. With no back doors our approach to mobile application security offers a balance of solutions, professional services and products tailored to fit an organization or mobile apps developers’ specific needs.
AppSCO (Source code obfuscation) transforms the code into a form that is functionally identical to the original code but is much more difficult to understand and reverse engineer using tools. AppSCO supports the application source code developed using Android JNI, iOS Xcode and C/C++ /Object C language.
AppShield for Android features automated, comprehensive, and customization protection for application developed on mobile platform. AppShield obfuscate application code to protect mobile application from reverse engineering, repackaging attack and add security functionality directly to applications for the active prevention and detection of application-level intrusion.
Whitebox Cryptography uses white-box cryptography technology to ensure sensitive encryption keys, used for such proposes as content protection encryption or user authentication, are kept out of reach of cyber-criminals.



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