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IDG Capital

IDG Capital, previously known as IDG Capital Partners, represents private equity adventure capital fund managers, investment advisors and other business entities. The firm was focusing on Chinese technology investments since the early 1990s and they are the first firm to bring foreign venture capital into China.

Over the past two decades, they supported many exceptional entrepreneurs who have gone on to build some of the world’s leading technology companies. IDG Capital specializing in start up, early stage, growth stage, mature stage, middle to late stage, Pre-IPO, mergers and acquisitions. It seeks to invest in technology, media and telecommunications (TMT), medical treatment, consumer brand, franchising, loan, wealth finance, internet finance, network securities, B2B, insurance, consumer products, environment, chain store and retail services, clean technology, the Internet, mobile Internet, wireless application, new media, education, medical treatment, healthcare, biotechnology, new energy, traditional consumer, culture, tourism, medical field, advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence, consumer upgrade, modern services and brands, new consumption and services, business services, industrial tech and resources, entertainment, film and television culture, and sports.

IDG capital prefers to invest in companies based in China. It seeks to invest between $1 million and $100 million in a portfolio. The firm was formerly known as IDG Technology Venture Investment Inc. IDG Capital Partners was founded in 1992 and is based in Beijing, China with additional offices across China and Hong Kong. The firm operates as a subsidiary of IDG Ventures.

The IDG Ventures network comprises five independent partnerships managing funds in North America and Asia. Each partnership makes investments on behalf of its limited partners, including IDG. The latest San Francisco fund, formed in 2007, accepted other institutional investors in addition to IDG, which remains a major investor. Following the successful launch of the San Francisco fund, IDG organized its non-publishing investments in China into venture funds. In 2009, IDG Ventures China renamed itself IDG Capital Partners to reflect the breadth of its half dozen funds encompassing start-up venture through growth investments.